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Professional wedding and event photographer in Rouen

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About me


As a wedding photojournalist and a family storyteller, I am based in Rouen (Normandy region, France).

I work around France and abroad if you need me there. I am known to remain discreet on the D day- I am on a mission to catch a set of images rooted in the instant moments of your amazing day.

My work captures what you see and what you do not see– the beauty of a detail, a burst of laughter, a loving glance. Because a wedding is a set of life moments full of magic, I make sure I catch heart vibrating images, alive with love.

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À propos Lily Rose Lane

« Any time not spent on love is wasted », Italian poet Torquato Tasso.

This idea summarizes my vision of Photography and life. As a photographer, I am a very lucky person witnessing happy moments you share with your beloved family, friends and partner. Being there and get to catch life’s amazing surprises for you -even when you got your eyes closed! - is a gift tI get to enjoy too.
With my work I intend to get the perfect shots you want and catch on pictures the intensity of love - this energy that makes us grow and gets us happy.

Family portraits, small group weddings, alternative, folk or boho atmospheres, elopement to a romantic place, or private ceremonies, I love to work in all the various environments. Just Love in its plain shape every time!

All the photos I take are rooted in my experiences, but most of all I make sure they meet your specific requirements, your dream, the wish list you shared with me during our prep meeting. I know how important a wedding is, I do my best to make the pictures perfect and honor the trust you place in me.

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Love stories

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Images from Normandy, from Paris and everywhere else.

Lily Rose Lane

I am fond of travelling, meeting people, going for a walk with my wife, playing with my little boy and girl and discovering the world !
Oh and I love taking pictures. Not only is it my job, but it's my passion.
I have a Degree in Photography and Cinema Culture from Paris Sorbonne University. I have worked in the Fashion industry and for Advertising departments in Paris for more than ten years.
At the same time, my passion for travelling and for people led me to work as a photojournalist. Immortalizing each moment of emotion and spontaneity is really intense.
My work is a mix of poetry, love and freedom.

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